Marya Monares (Miyamoto), MD


Marco Antonio Monares, MD

Clinica Del Migrante Physician Provider

Marya Monares, M.D., F.A.A.P was born in Los Angeles and raised in Burbank, CA.  She received her B.S. in General Biology from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received the Chancellor’s Service Award, Chicanos(as)/Latinos(as) for Community Medicine Appreciation Award, and the Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Third World Communities of Los Angeles through participation in Latino Students Health Program Certificate. She went on to receive her Medical Degree from USC Keck School of Medicine. She completed her Internship and Residency in Pediatrics at Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Women’s and Children’s Hospital. After working with the LAC+USC Pediatric Emergency Department and in the ambulatory care clinic setting at different medical clinic locations, she began working fulltime with the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court Health Services (JCHS) in 2006. She is Board Certified in Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In 2014, she became the founder and CEO of Clinica Del Migrante, Inc.

Dr. Monares has a special interest in Adolescent Medicine, LGBTQ youth and commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC). She held the position of JCHS Department of Medicine Quality Improvement representative from 2013-2014. She organized JCHS physician trainings on LGBTQ youth and helped develop the JCHS Department of Medicine’s policy on LGBTQ youth in 2013. Currently, she is the JCHS Medical and Nursing CSEC Champions Committee Chairperson and Central Juvenile Hall’s CSEC medical coordinator. Dr. Monares has also made medical humanitarian trips to Mexico from 2007-2011, one year of which she served as Vice President of a medical missionary organization to the poor in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Monares is inspired by all of the many wonderful people who have touched her life, especially her family.  Her family made sure that she knew where she came from, and they modeled how to move forward through injustice with integrity and honor.  Her paternal Japanese American grandparents were evacuated during WWII, and her father was born in an internment camp. Her maternal grandparents were first generation immigrants who had to marry each other outside of their county because interracial marriage was illegal in Los Angeles at that time. Post-war, her dad excelled both academically and with gymnastics. He earned a scholarship to Stanford University and met her mom during summer school in college.  Her dad later went on to become the first physician in the family. Her mom raised their children and was an active philanthropist in their community. Now it's Dr. Monares' turn. She has dedicated her medical career to serving the underserved and advocating for those who lack substantial resources. Her next step is supporting Dr. Marco Monares with Clinica Del Migrante, Inc. She has no doubt that Dr. Marco Monares is truly gifted in connecting with patients and providing them with the help that they need and deserve.

Dr. Miyamoto recently married Dr. Marco Monares and they plan to continue working in the community. She enjoys spending time with their families and friends, stand up paddle boarding, dining out at new restaurants, and traveling. She appreciates your interest in Clinica Del Migrante, and hopes to start building a relationship with you and your family.  It takes a village, and she we would love for Clinica Del Migrante, Inc. to be a part of your medical home.

About The Doctors

I wanted to take this chance to thank you for visiting our website. I know that choosing a physician can be complicated, scary, and oftentimes a big leap of faith.  I want to let you know that I am not interested in promoting myself or selling you something that has no value. I simply want to invite you to our clinic if you are looking for a doctor who has time to visit with you, is genuinely interested in making you healthy in all aspects, and will work with you to do it in an affordable manner.

Let me start by introducing myself and explain what has led me to take a chance on starting my own clinic. As a child of Mexican immigrants from Chihuahua and Zacatecas who was raised in East Los Angeles, I know how hard the people of this and the surrounding communities work to give their children a better life. I also know how language, culture, and lack of money can affect the medical care people receive. Oftentimes our community is relegated to clinics where the doctors see 35- 45 patients per day. Quite frankly these clinics need to see patients in large amounts to deal with the insurance paperwork, the low reimbursement from insurance companies including Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and to pay for the high cost of medical equipment and supplies. Doctors are stressed personally and professionally under these conditions. These conditions include trying to navigate the complex policies of insurance companies, meeting productivity standards of their employers, and trying to provide patient care so that patients are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, public opinion and health care statistics reflect that we are losing this struggle to maintain good outcomes. The poor outcomes health professionals see on a daily basis include patients leaving the office confused about their diagnosis, patients unclear about their treatment plan, and patients who don’t take what the doctor prescribed for them.

So whose fault is it? It is easy as professionals to blame the patient or label them as noncompliant. However I have been on both sides of the examining table. I can’t blame a patient for not filling a prescription that he was told by his neighbor might be bad for his liver if his doctor didn’t discuss this with him, especially if his neighbor spent close to 15 minutes discussing it with him. These fifteen minutes might be twice as long as they had with their doctors face to face. This list of impediments to face to face time with your doctor include but are not limited to your having to type medical notes into a computer, inputting prescriptions, fill out those annoying preauthorization forms, and the inefficient manner in which patients are scheduled resulting in long wait times. The physician whom has all these extra duties is always running behind. It is no wonder the doctor may seem hurried during your visit.

If this sounds familiar, I think the problem will only get worse as many more people are enrolled in the various health plans offered by the Affordable Care Act. I am not disparaging the Affordable care Act. In fact, I think it is a step in the right direction. Everyone should have access to medical care, and I am pleased that many people will have some type of coverage. This brings me to the reason for taking a chance on myself and this clinic. Many people are still not aware that while the Affordable Care Act covered millions of people, it also left out a group of people that are especially important to me. This group are the undocumented workers who do all the dirty jobs that are vital to the state of California and our nation. Another equally important group is the hardworking documented people who work hard for their money. They have the means to pay for their doctor’s visits but can’t afford to pay for a health plan on a monthly basis. Finally, there are those individuals who will fall victim to having their hours reduced so that employers won’t have to offer them health plans. In fact, some who are being offered health insurance by their employers are finding that they will also  struggle to manage to pay their copays and deductibles. I’m afraid many of you reading this are already living what I am describing.

I have also lived this experience. I worked full-time as a cement finisher for eight years while I pursued my undergraduate degree at Cal State Los Angeles. My employer treated and loved me like family, but the truth is he could not afford to get us health insurance.  I went without it, and by God’s good grace I never had a serious illness. The reality is that had I needed medical care for a serious condition, I don’t know if I would be writing this biography today. Quite frankly, some who have been less fortunate than I have never realized their full potential.

I am a board certified Internist who is trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. What this means is that I can see children from birth and continue to see a patient for the rest of their lives. I plan to offer affordable prices for visits, laboratory testing at low prices, and work with you to find inexpensive ways to get your medicine. While one of my focuses will be on providing you affordable health care , you can rest assured that the quality of care you receive will be to the best Standards of Care.  

In addition, my family and I have totally renovated our office to make you feel at home. We are proud, as we literally did all the construction ourselves. We will continue to add new technologies to better serve you and your families.  I hope you take the time to visit our clinic photo gallery. I think you will see that we have tried to make it nice, and not just a box with fold up chairs in order to increase revenues.

To schedule an appointment, please call:  323-477-1641. 

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