Many People have asked me what the boots and the hammer on the Caduceus represent in our logo. I wish I had a real great story to tell, but all I was trying to do was to pay homage to my father and mother. As you can see be the website pictures my father and I both worked as cement finishers. My dad literally provided for our family by getting down on his knees to do his work.  I also paid my way through Cal State Los Angeles by working fulltime as a cement finisher. My dad was supported unconditionally by my mother and their struggle to give us a better life meant they sacrificed their own needs for our family. My partner is my biggest support. The least I could do is honor their hard work by incorporating symbols that I remember fondly from my childhood. To all those who currently see their loved ones struggling in physically demanding, poorly paid, and honest work; make sure you honor them by adopting their work ethic and willingness to sacrifice for others. My dad used to tell me “ Don’t look down on someone unless you are helping them up.” I know my dad, who died from complications of getting those very same knees surgically repaired, is looking down on me and still helping me up.

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